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'Crackdown' on the Xbox 360

I've been running around for the last couple of days playing super cop on the 360. Being associated with a gang is a mandatory death sentences and civilian casualties are tolerated to a degree. Fortunately my abuses of authority have been virtual and real cops don't run around listening to Rage Against the Machine.

In Crackdown you are a genetically modified police officer working for the "Agency" to snuff out the three major crime lords running the city and their related gangs. As you exercise your abilities, participate in races, and collect tokens scattered throughout the city you mutate in a burst of blue energy. These sudden mutations affect your characters appearance as well as ability. For the Maori character it means a sudden proliferation of facial tattoos and piercings. The most improbably mutation is how an increase in driving

Mia Culpa

The new year is a time for new resolutions or to renew those that you failed at the year before. I on the other hand naturally rebel against days of set expectations. I give birthday and Christmas presents early or late, to me it doesn't matter which. Needless to say this predilection makes religious observance difficult and New Years counterproductive. Now that time has put sufficient space in between me and New Year's Day I'm able to return to site maintenance. Maybe next year I'll have cloned a mini-me.

Site Update

I just completed a massive update of upcoming releases. Dates have been modified for delayed releases such as The Fountain and Children of Men, and new trailers have been added (make sure to check out Pan's Labyrinth). Entries have been made for the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii which launch November 17th and 19th respectively. Not to mention the avalanche of DVD releases that comes with the season. In short, send your spouse or parents to the Upcoming Events page for all of your gift receiving needs....or gift giving if you are so inclined.

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